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When deciding which of the many renters insurance companies to choose, remember that it's up to you to ask the right questions and find out all you can about any company you're considering.

For example, you'll certainly want a company you can reach any hour of the day or night. Since most renter's insurance companies do offer 24 hour service, the next question is whether you contact your agent in the event of an emergency, or an 800 number. What about the paperwork involved in submitting a claim? Some agencies permit you to complete a submission online, while others may need a signature on paperwork that is faxed to the agent.

Next, ask about the claim process. Once your claim has been submitted, how quickly will you receive a check? While you may find a company that offers insurance for significantly less that the competitors, if you don't get your money until months after the crisis, how are you going to pay your bills?

Another question that might become important is how frequently renter's insurance companies review your policy. At some point you may become eligible for less expensive insurance, or your situation might change in such a way that you either need more or less insurance. A policy review will uncover this, but is it something the company does every year or two, or something you must ask for?

You also want to ensure the company you select is financially solid enough to depend on. Review the reputation of renter's insurance companies by researching how they are rated by A.M. Best, Moody's or Standard and Poor's.

Of course, these things assume you are considering a company you aren't already using for your car, health or business insurance. If a company you're already satisfied with offers renters insurance, consider them as well. Be sure to ask about any multiple policy discounts you may be entitled to, but don't neglect to ask them the same questions you'd ask another company. While they may, indeed, offer the best deal, if renters insurance isn't one of their primary products, you might find a better rate elsewhere.

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