Level Term Life Insurance

For many people, purchasing life insurance is an important financial decision to ensure that a family's obligations and lifestyle is not affected in the event of the death of the primary wage earner. A term life insurance quote is often the best place for many families to start because it is an affordable and simple way to cover expenses.

Level term is a type of term insurance that may offer an ideal solution for those seeking coverage. This form of life insurance is an insurance policy that provides a fixed amount of coverage with set premiums for a certain period of time. For level term, the coverage periods usually are 10, 15, 20, and 30 years.

A primary advantage of this type of life insurance is that the premiums remain the same each year for the length of the policy period, even as the policy owner ages. Another advantage is that many companies offer a conversion option for a specified number of years, allowing policy owners to convert to a permanent insurance policy later as their circumstances change.

However, with a level term insurance policy, a holder typically pays more in the early years of the policy period for coverage and also may face an increase in premiums at the end of the term, if the policyholder decides to renew coverage. Because level term is a form of term life insurance and not a permanent policy, a policyholder does not accrue cash during the coverage term; the policyholder only has a life benefit.

However, level term insurance remains an affordable means for many individuals to obtain the life insurance coverage that they need to protect their families and their assets



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