Dental Reimbursement Plans

Dental reimbursement plans are fee-for-service plan in which a participant, or an insured, can visit a dentist and the dentist is paid for each service rendered according to the fees set by that dentist. Available through many employers, these dental plans are based on the dollars spent rather than on the treatment. The insured is allowed to go to the dentist of his or her choice, and depending on the plan, either the insured and the insurance company pay the dentist their portions directly or the insured pays the entire dentist fee and submits a paid receipt for proof of treatment and payment; the plan's administrator then reimburses the insured a percentage of the cost incurred.

The primary advantage of dental reimbursement plans is that plan participants are able to choose their dentist and are not limited to a network of dentists as in other types of dental insurance plans. This can be extremely important for those patients who have been with a dentist for many years. In addition, under this plan, a participant knows exactly how much he or she will pay for dental services; there are no hidden costs. Dental reimbursement plans can be a cost-effective option for some individuals and families as most of the plan's money, about 90 percent, is spent on dental treatment rather than on overhead or administration. Finally, with a reimbursement plan, an insured enjoys decreased restrictions and does not need pre-authorizations for treatments.

For many Americans, dental insurance is an important part of their overall financial planning and well being. Knowing that their overall health in general, and their dental health in particular, are covered can help keep an insured's mind at ease.



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