Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Insurance

Why hasn't my agent told me about dental insurance?

There are many reasons why your agent may not have told you about dental insurance plans. One reason is that the agent's company may not offer dental insurance. While large carriers often provide this type of insurance, smaller, privately held companies may not.

Dental insurance does not make your agent a lot of money. Many agents focus on term life insurance and group health policies because those produce more commissions for the agent.

In addition, your agent may not have the expertise to sell or assess dental insurance policies. Life, auto, home, health, and disability have been available for a longer time and are the primary areas on which agents focus.

Do I need dental insurance?

Determining whether you need dental insurance is an individual decision based on several factors, such as affordability, health, employer, location, and dental needs. With more than 170 million Americans maintaining dental insurance, it may also provide financial peace of mind.

Is dental insurance expensive?

Compared with other forms of insurance, such as life, auto, health, disability, and home, dental insurance is relatively inexpensive. Individual policies with standard benefits, maximums, limits, and exclusions can cost as little as $15 per month. Of course, just as with vehicle insurance quotes, premiums vary. Keep in mind, however, that not having dental insurance could prove to be extremely expensive as an uninsured patient would have to pay the entire cost of the dental service out of pocket.

How does dental insurance work?

Dental insurance policies are very similar to other insurance policies. Depending on the type of insurance purchased, an insured is either reimbursed for the amount paid for the dental service up to a predetermined limit or the insurance company pays the dental service costs after the insured pays a deductible or co-payment.

How do I determine how much dental insurance I need?

Assessing how much dental insurance you need depends on a number of factors, including cost, age, overall health, dental health, number of dependents, location, dental provider, and employer. Each of these elements may affect how much dental insurance you and your dependents require.

Are there minimal dental insurance plans?

To help combat the rising cost of dental insurance, you may choose a plan offering the minimum amount of dental insurance necessary to cover unexpected dental services as a way to significantly save on monthly insurance premiums. Customized plans such as these are excellent.

Does dental insurance have to be with the same company as my other insurance policies?

Dental insurance does not have to be purchased with the same company through which you hold other insurance policies. However, some companies may offer discounts to customers who hold multiple policies with the company. Speak with your agent or company representative to determine if discounts are available to those with more than one policy with the company.

What questions will my agent ask me when I call?

When you call your agent, he or she will ask you questions about the type of dental insurance policy you are seeking, the amount of coverage, the number of dependents on the policy, the length of the policy, the desired premium rate, your dentist, and your overall health/dental health.

What does the rating system mean? A, A+, A++? And how can I find out how find out how my insurance company is rated?

The insurance rating system is the means by which the financial strength of an insurance company is evaluated. Several insurance rating services examine insurance companies to determine their financial stability, creditworthiness, and vulnerability to adverse market conditions. A potential purchaser can use the rating to assess the stability, health, and strength of the insurance company. The AM Best ratings are commonly used to evaluate insurance companies. An "A++" or "A+" rating indicates a superior company while an "A" rating means an excellent company.

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